“Connection Manager” for the Sqlplus Mode

by Vjacheslav Ignatyev on June 27, 2012

As a developer you have to deal with several different databases. It’s not easy to keep all of your environments in mind. Let’s use Org-mode to help yourself.

Keep an environment’s description in “org-mode” table:

* environments
** databases
| service (sid) | user      | pwd    |
| prod          | owner app | god    |
| dev           | dbo       | love   |
| uat           | dba       | secret |

Place the point to a connection line, call sqlplus-x-connect and you will get connected sqlplus-mode buffer. If different users have the same password you can write them in one cell.

Here is the sqlplus-x-connect

(require 'sqlplus)
(require 'org-table)
(defvar sqlplus-x-columns '(sqlplus-x-service sqlplus-x-user sqlplus-x-pwd))
(defun sqlplus-x-connect ()
  "Build a connection string and make a connection. The point must be in an org-mode table.
Columns of the table must correspond to the `sqlplus-x-columns' variable."
      ((cur-row (nth (org-table-current-dline) (org-table-to-lisp)))
       (is-user-selected (= (org-table-current-column) (+ 1 (position 'sqlplus-x-user sqlplus-x-columns)))))
      (if is-user-selected
          (thing-at-point 'symbol)
        (nth (position 'sqlplus-x-user sqlplus-x-columns) cur-row))
      (nth (position 'sqlplus-x-pwd sqlplus-x-columns) cur-row)
      (nth (position 'sqlplus-x-service sqlplus-x-columns) cur-row))
     (concat (nth (position 'sqlplus-x-service sqlplus-x-columns) cur-row) ".sqp"))))

(global-set-key [f4] 'sqlplus-x-connect)

Advice. Use EasyPG package to keep your connections table in secret.

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